Brad Pitt and Ranunculus

So, do you ever have one of those days where the world seems to be throwing obstacles in your way? I feel like a perpetual juggler balancing an array of different hats on my head.

Mother and housekeeper hat on this morning

Family hat on at lunch

Architect hat on this afternoon.

I got out on the right side of bed today, but life seems to have got out on the wrong side.

Anyway I will stop moaning and get on with the blog….So, I hear you say what has Brad got to do with Ranunculus (will just clarify that these are flowers not anything rude!)?

Well, Ranunculus are my favourite flowers of all time. It must be something to do with the number of petals. Frilly but structured. It is also the season for Ranunculus! Maybe I will buy some on the way home.

I also saw that infamous Brad Chanel no.5 advert and it made me think about his foray into furniture design. His collaboration with Pollaro for furniture design was a good PR stunt for Pollaro, but what was the end result? Does anyone else find his creations over-designed and slightly baffling? Ahh I fear this is what happens when the rich and famous dabble with design – like a child in a sweet shop!

What do you think? Maybe even Brad has bad days too! Maybe he should buy a bunch of Rununculus?



Image          Image                                                                   



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