Dreaming of Murder on the Orient Express

ImageA voyage on the original Orient Express had to be one of the most indulgent and luxurious ways to travel. I only wish I had been on the original train which ran from Paris to Istanbul. The Orient Express stopped serving Istanbul in 1977. It was succeeded by an overnight service which ran from Paris to Vienna, but this ceased to operate after 2009. Today, the route does not exist as a timetabled service as such. It now exists as a hotel-cum-train.

“The Venice-Simplon Orient Express train is a private venture by Orient-Express Hotels using original carriages from the 1920s and 30s and continues to run from London to Venice and to other destinations in Europe, including the original route from Paris to Istanbul.”

I’m sure the Venice Simplon Orient Express is luxurious in its own way, however I feel it has lost a lot of its charm. It has joined the corporate world and has become a glorified hotel on wheels. It feels slightly contrived. It’s a cross between a murder mystery party and a fine dining experience.

What’s intriguing about that?

Still.. you wouldn’t have to twist my arm very hard to climb aboard.





Original art deco gold evening dress


Original chiffon evening dress from the 1930s